What We Do

Boris’ Kitchen is a troupe of many talents. We just can’t seem to keep our nose out of anything (except skunk-ass. We are completely uniterested in skunk-ass. That shit’s disgusting).

If you want to get Boris’ Kitchen to perform at your event, let us know.


How could we perform any of the things we do if we didn’t write them first? We couldn’t! That’s why Boris’ Kitchen has a lovely writing team that we love so much.

Anyone  is free to write for Boris’ Kitchen! If you’re interested in joining us at one of our writer’s meetings, contact us and we’ll let you know when and where the magic is happening!

Our current writing coordinator is Andrew Agress ’17 (aagress@brandeis.edu ).

Live Shows

Boris’ Kitchen puts on three live shows a year: The Old Shit Show, The Annual Fall Comedy Festival, and the Big Show.

The Old Shit Show is generally around the first week in October and is where we get to showcase our new members. Being so early in the (school) year, we’re too lazy to write the Old Shit Show, so instead we use it as a chance to recycle favored sketches from our extensive archive of sketches.

The Annual Sketch Comedy Festival is generally the first weekend after Thanksgiving. This is the show where we bring guest troupes from other colleges, alumni, and even professional sketch groups to come perform with us. Admission for this show is also free, though we encourage donations to the American Cancer Society. Last year the troupe raised close to $700!

The Big Show is our spring show which generally happens some time in late April. This show is longer than the previous two; we put on a longer set and usually showcase video sketches; we have more time to spend writing and rehearsing this show than the previous two. Admission for this show is generally $5 for the general public and $2 for students.

We try to record all of our shows. Check out some great performances here!

Other On/Off Campus Performances

Want Boris’ Kitchen to come perform at your event, but you’re not sure if we do that sort of thing? Guess what, we do! Boris’ Kitchen loves to show support for other Brandeis clubs by performing at their promotional events and we also love performing for our other sketch comedy troupe friends at other colleges. Several of the groups we invite to our Annual Fall Comedy Festival invite us to go perform at their shows, and if we’re available, we do!

We’re also available for coffeehouses and other events on the Brandeis campus!

Boris' Kitchen is a founding member of the Brandeis Undergraduate Theater Collective.

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