Who We Are

Our current members:

Sarah Duffett (’17) [Co-President]

Sarah D“Sarah doesn’t know an awful lot about comedy but is kind of interested in it in a “would read a clickbait article on it” sort of way. She’s a junior majoring in English and creative writing. For the sake of her bank account, she is considering a computer science minor. Sarah has been described by a close friend as being a “high strung hippie.” She is still bitter.

Zephry Wright (’17) [Co-President]

zephryZephry Wright is a man of many talents. He can say the alphabet backwards in under ten seconds, he can walk on his hands for like basically forever, he can do a back flip when the temperature is right, he can make delicious breakfast quesadillas, he is great at being off key while singing in the shower (la da dee, la da dow, la da daaaaaaaaa), and this list could actually go on for an obnoxiously long time. He is herald from the great city of Miami and is pretty sure he used that word incorrectly because he does that often enough for it to make him look stupid, but I digress, and by I, I me Zephry, because this is existential, at first you thought this was a third party writing this but now you don’t know. Is it him? How? Who? When? Hm… nevermind.

Yael Platt (’17) [Vice President]

Yael PYael Platt is the 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Andrew Agress (’17) [Co- Writing Coordinator]

Andrew Agress is thrilled to be a member of Boris’ Kitchen, as it is the closest he’ll ever get to being able to cook things. Andrew comes from the part of New Jersey that doesn’t smell. He’d probably even say that his part of New Jersey smells nice. Andrew prides himself on being unique, along with being a Jewish person attending Brandeis University. At Brandeis he thinks that he may be a Theater and Politics major, but he isn’t sure yet, so don’t pressure him. When he was in kindergarten, he really liked trains.

Raphael Stigliano (’18) [Co-Writing Coordinator]

raffieRaphael Stigliano  was born on the coldest day in the year of our Lord, 1996. Since then he has made every effort to make his life mean something important, the latest effort being the sketch comedy wonderland that is Boris’ Kitchen. Despite some confusion about whether or not cooking is actually involved, he is very enthusiastic about the upcoming BK shows and wishes to express this in every way possible. Raphael Stigliano frequently wears clothes.

Rodrigo Rafael Alfaro Garcia Granados (’18)

rodrigoRodrigo Rafael Alfaro Garcia Granados is a native of the exotic countries of El Salvador and Guatemala. However, he has spent most of his life outside of his home countries and lived in Venezuela, Mexico and Israel. He aspires to one day become the first Latin American Harlem Globetrotter. His passions include theater (writing, acting, singing, dancing etc.), fútbol (soccer), playing the guitar, and taking his pants off whenever possible. He has been in 12 theater productions in his lifetime and hopes to continue adding to that tally. He also prides himself in writing, directing, and starring in his own play and movie. Rodrigo is a theater major at Brandeis University and hopes to one-day bow in front of Broadway audiences.

 Yael Matlow (’18) 

Yael MYael Matlow is a native Canadian. As global warming continues to melt her igloo and Vermont maple syrup companies gain popularity, her only option was too flee the country and surround herself with even more Jews. Even though her mother has deemed her the “least funny child,” Yael always tries to exceed her mother’s expectations. Yael intends on double majoring in Sociology and Media Studies. She takes her Instagram very seriously. @yaelmatlow

Ben Astrachan (’19)

Ben ABen Astrachan is a down to earth kid who enjoys long walks in the wilderness and different types of cheeses.  One day at Brandeis, Dennis 16′ ran up to Ben and forced him to audition for boris’ kitchen.  Ben, unknowing of the consequences, auditioned happily and proudly. He’s now a newbie. AND, most importantly, he’s also a legend! You’ll have to get to know him to find out what that means though 😉

Mira Garin (’19)

Mira GMira Garin is a wide-eyed first year bursting with excitement about being a member of Boris’ Kitchen. Her talents include professional tea-drinking and knitting a scarf every five years or so. She hails from The Land of Enchantment, The Land of Mañana — the not-so-big city Albuquerque, New Mexico. Never heard of it? Well, it’s a state, I promise. It’s the one between Arizona and Texas. Still no idea? It’s that place where Breaking Bad was filmed. See, you do know where Albuquerque is! Just don’t tell Mira that’s the only reason you know of its existence, unless you want to see her turn into a tiny ball of fury.

Claudia Davis (’19)

Screen Shot 2016-12-01 at 11.06.40 PM.png

Sarah Sharpe (’20)


Alan Omori (’20)


Perry Letourneau (’20)

Screen Shot 2016-12-02 at 1.16.59 PM.png

Jason Kwan (’20)



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